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The professionals in GURU IP Law can provide high-quality legal services for meeting the clients’ needs based on their long-standing practical experience and expertise as well as their strong technical backgrounds.  Our clients range from the innovative start-ups with new ideas to established corporations pursuing to protect their market grip through the IP enforcements.

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The best experts you can meet in Korea in patent and other IP-related fields

As a trustworthy guru, GURU IP Law will be a guide for protecting your valuable intellectual property rights.

Comprehensive legal strategy and advice in all IP fields

Based on long-standing practical experience and expertise accumulated in various IP fields, GURU IP Law provides comprehensive legal strategies and advice in the IP matters covering all industrial/technical fields, including protection of IP rights (patent, utility models, designs, trademarks), IP management, technology valuation, patent portfolio construction, freedom-to-operate and validity analysis, IP enforcement and IP protection.

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